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Moviesandbox is a graphical filmmaking tool in progress for the Unreal Tournament engine. It allows you to easily create your own characters, sets and poses and direct them in the way you imagine.
Please visit the Moviesandbox webpage for more information, downloads, news, video tutorials and the development wiki!

the Journey

Winner of the "Make Something Unreal" non-interactive movie contest by NVidia and Epic games. Screened at various international festivals including the Ottawa International animation festival. For more info and downloads, go visit the official webpage.

the Bob Block Show

A live machinima performance show as featured on german television 3sat.
For clips and info, go to the official blockspot website.


Person 2184 is a three part machinima series running inside the game unreal tournament 2004 from epicgames. It shows queer happenings in an urban environment not very far from here and now.
Running inside the game means that you can download person2184 as a modification to your original game Unreal Tournament 2004 and play the movies in-engine in realtime on your computer. For more info and downloads, go visit the person2184 website.

video works

- soon


The Milkscanner is an easy way to scan 3D Objects using household devices like Milk, a tupperware bowl and some LEGO.
For more information on how to build one yourself, please visit the Milkscanner instructable!


The pdf-magazine/blog for everything machinima - articles, news and interviews from 2004-2006. Now getting restructured into the "guerilla guide to realtime animation".


Anisandbox is an interactive installation comissioned by Carl Goodman for the Gameworld exhibition at Laboral centro del arte.
It is based on the Moviesandbox project as a modification of the game Unreal Tournament 2004.
Using a device called "Gametrak", visitors can animate a custom designed character just like a marionette. An additional guitar hero controller makes the second character in the background strum his guitar and the main character's feet start to dance. Different events can be triggered by performing distinct gestures - cameras switch and light effects fill the screen - to allow for your very own simple music video.


A CAVE environment for the Ars Electronica ARSbox.
Commissioned by Ars Electronica for the Digital Transit exhibition at the MediaLab Madrid.
Computer-generated structures conduct visitors through a surreal urban space. The encounter with an overload of visual impressions and the userís reaction to this lead to the gradual deconstruction of the content.